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What is Dentem?
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Schedule across all your devices.

Whether you’re using the iPhone, iPad app or accessing your calendar from your computer, Dentem works in sync to keep you ahead of schedule.

Store electronic dental records securely.

Maintain all your patients records securely and always at your finger tips. Store patients information, diseases, sicknesses, allergies and all their imaging in one place.

Eletronic Dental Records with X Rays Dentem Web Platform
Platform services to help your business grow
Patient Notifications

Front Office tool

SMS notification for every appointment and email reminder for all patients every 6 month
Website widge and profile

Online Presence

Dentem offers a very neat and user friendly page where dental practice can have a presence online and show the most important information
Online bookings for patients

Online Bookings

Patients can book online from your actual website or directly from Dentem bookings

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