Are there any setup costs?

No. Dentem setup is free of charge. You do not need to hire people, just singing up and you are ready to go.

How do I get started?

Sign up for a free trial. After registration of your dental practice you will be able to start using Dentem. It’s very simple. With very hard work and a lot of feedback from dentists Dentem is very easy to use. Not packed with unuseful features makes it user friendly and it simplifies your daily workflow. You can view tutorials or ask a real person from Dentem with no extra cost.

How can I access my account?

Dentem is a SaaS model (SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser.) Everything is on the cloud and synced directly. You can access your account from Windows, Mac by browsers or from native applications in iOS and Android phones.

Why is Dentem free on Playstore & Appstore?

Installable applications on mobile can be downloaded for free but to have access to all options as a practice, it is required to have a user. Dentem can be used by patients to search dental practices.

How do I transition from a paper-based practice?

From our experience of the dental practices that had this transition, the first weeks they started with scheduling and adding new patients. We suggest you do the same. Then open electronic files for existing patients and transfer data from paper to digital. After the transition the workflow will be smooth and your staff happy from pulling files.

How do I transition from an on premises software?

As you are used with software the transition is easy. Form on premises software to Dentem will make your work easier and much cheaper. You will not need to pay for expensive hardware and maintenance. If you have an IT to help you transfer the files directly to Dentem will make your work easier to transfer.

What are the biggest advantages of Dentem comparing to on premise?

  1. Low cost (no initial large scale investment in licenses and infrastructure), pay as you go pricing model.
  2. Minimal upfront investment which enables clinics to move on quickly on business and bring their services to market faster
  3. Flexibility in terms of licensing and scalability of resources
  4. Easy to deploy and manage
  5. Encourages simplification and standardization of business processes
  6. Better security disaster recovery, backup
  7. Oftentimes, greater functionality and more frequent upgrades then on premise software
  8. Procuring deploying and managing the infrastructure and software in house is no longer necessary which means a large technical staff isn’t required (dentem maintains and upgrades the software)
  9. For end-user transparent updates anytime anywhere access all that’s required is a web browser or an mobile app.

Do patients really prefer booking online rather than by telephone?

Regardless how friendly is the book by phone, patients want to be in control and not have to stay on hold. Patients prefer booking online because no matter where they are they are in control of their booking.

If I forget the password, how can I get a new one?

When you are about to enter and forget the password, will have a button that when you enter your email gives you the opportunity to choose a new password to access the platform again.

What makes Dentem different from any other practice management system?

We have worked and still are working closely with dentists. The product is custom made and we have reimagined dental software management to to be simple and efficient. As the other industries are doing business form the phone Dentem was build with this idea to be mobile first and ensure a better experience.

Does any of your question is still unanswered?

Reach us out. We are here to make the product better so you can enjoy the free time doing what you love!